Sustainable IT

Do what you can to minimise negative environmental impact and ensure company spending goes towards positive change. One of the simplest ways to make a difference is to be more conscious about what you buy, and where you buy it from.

Start making a difference today with our range of eco-friendly products from forward thinking brands.

By supporting climate neutral products that are less damaging to the environment, you not only minimise your own carbon footprint but also encourage other companies to source and produce products in a more sustainable way.

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Why Choose Sustainable IT?

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Improve Company Image

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve Environmental Social Governance Scores


Eco-Friendly or Environmentally Conscious Brands

Bakker Elkhuizen

Working towards a more sustainable future in which we’ll all work smart and feel good – Bakker Elkhuizen have been adapting the way they work to minimise the environmental impact of their product

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Becoming the first carbon neutral company in their market in 2020, Dataflex reduce, measure and actively compensate for their total carbon footprint.

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Contour Design

Reducing and replacing virgin and high-emission materials, improving circularity and the end-of-use impact of their products. Contour Design manufacturer high quality products that have long lifetimes.

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At Hypertec, we’re committed to minimising the impact of our business on the environment. Continuously implementing new policies and practices to encourage better sustainability, we are dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, energy consumption and plastic waste.

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Viewlite Monitor Arms

Made from 40% recycled aluminium, Viewlite Monitor Arms are designed to minimise environmental impact.

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Circular Stands & Risers

Made from recycled plastic bottles and recyclable, Bakker Elkhuizen Circular Products are good for the planet and better for the budget.

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Bags, Cases and Accessories

Yosemite Eco Range

Made mainly from recycled materials, the YOSEMITE Range contributes to reduce carbon footprints and act positively for the environment.

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Eco Bags

Protect your essential kit when on the move with Techair Eco-friendly Backpacks and Briefcase made from recycled plastic bottles.

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ECO Bluetooth Headphones

All-in-one piece, with impeccable sound quality, built in microphone, and dedicated buttons for every headset need.

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ECO Qi Wireless Charging

A 10W wireless QI fast induction charger made from bamboo Perfect to quickly and easily charge compatible devices in the office or at home.

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Biodegradable Wireless Wheat Polymer Keyboards & Mice

The eco-friendly wheatgrass Keyboards and Mice are fully biodegradable, with a glossy finish and sleek, modern design.

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Bioplastic Wheatgrass 4K Webcam

The eco-friendly, biodegradable wheatgrass Webcams offer high quality video call with noise reducing microphone.

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RollerMouse Pro

All the hard plastics in the ergonomic RollerMouse Pro come from 100% post-consumer recycled material.

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SliderMouse Pro

All the hard plastics in the ergonomic RollerMouse Pro come from 100% post-consumer recycled material.

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Memory and Storage

Memory Upgrades

The devices you already have are the greenest ones, so extend their lifespan for as long as you can with Hypertec Memory.

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SSD Upgrades

Upgrade your laptop or tablet, without buying a new device. Hypertec SSD upgrades help extend product life, helping to reduce devices overall carbon footprint.

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LTO Tape

Using approximately 70% less energy than HDD systems, LTO provides a greener option for backing and archiving data.

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Infrastructure HDD Upgrades

Reduce emissions and toxic e-waste by upgrading network infrastructures to boost responsiveness and increase storage.

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CyberPower GreenPower UPS™

Reduce power consumption by up to 93% compared to conventional UPS systems, with CyberPower’s GreenPower UPS™

PFC Sinewave Series

The Pure Sine Wave UPS for equipment requiring active PFC power source.

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UT Series

Energy-saving UPS systems that save up to 93% of power consumption.

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PR III Professional Rack/ Tower Series

Provides battery backup and surge protection for department servers, workgroup servers, workstations, and more.


The GreenPower UPS with multifunction LCD readout, providing immediate access to power information.

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Cable Management / Infrastructure

Dataflex Cable Guides

Made from 100% recycled PP, the Addit Cable Guide is the perfect way to tidy away desk cables.

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